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afgrayHi..My Name is "SAM" and I'm Carol's African Grey, well not exactly, his picture is below. I'm his Guardian Angel so to speak...... SPEAK, get it....HA!!

I'll be 3 years old on August 1, 2000 and I already no quite a few words now. Carol keeps teaching me more everyday. It takes me a little while to pick them up, but I'm still really a baby. You know I can live to be 80 years old. Here's another thing you might not know is I eat everything she's eats. Like, steak, baked potato, celery, broccoli, mash potatoes, spaghetti and meatballs, macaroni, yogurt, ice cream, jelly beans, cherrios, corn chips, jello, strawberries, just to name a few, and especially this guy over here..GRAPES. Carol asks me what I want in my dish and she gives it to me. WAIT, I can't have any chocolate or avocados because they will make me very sick and I could die.

I'm SAM.....YOooooo


Click on the scroll bar on the box and you can see what I can say so far, I'll add more later.

sambird.....Pretty good Uh

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